Anti Corrosion Agent

Role details

Anti-corrosion agents are used to prevent rust and other types of corrosion forming on the inside of your washing machine and dishwasher. 

Corrosion occurs due to chemical reactions between metal and oxygen in the presence of water. Since washing machines and dishwashers are constantly exposed to water, the chance of corrosion is high. Some ingredients in detergents can also serve as catalysts for the corrosion reaction. 

Anti-corrosion agents can work in 3 ways:

Anodic inhibitors: These coat the metal with a hard, non-reactive layer that inhibits corrosion.  

Cathodic inhibitors: These prevent one of the necessary reaction pathways from occurring, inhibiting corrosion (not as effective as anodic inhibitors).

Oxygen scavengers: These slow down the rate of corrosion by removing the dissolved oxygen from water which means the metal has nothing to react with.

Role Ingredients

Ingredient Health & Environment Used in EWG Rating
Low hazard for health. Mineral derived, does not accumulate and is suitable for Greywater and septic tanks. Auto Dish Powder 3 - 3
Low hazard for health. Synthetic, biodegradable and suitable for greywater and septic tanks. Auto Dish Powder, Rinse Aid, Dishwasher Tablets, Laundry Liquid, Top and Front loader, Laundry Powder, Top & Front Loader 0 - 0
Low hazard for health. Derived from minerals, does not accumulate and is suitable for Greywater and septic tanks. Dishwasher Tablets 1 - 2