Lip Balm - Stick

Plant-based intensive balm, with natural beeswax to help protect against the elements and sweet almond oil to soothe and deeply nourish dry lips.

Contains beautiful plant-based ingredients to deeply hydrate and nourish lips so they look and feel healthy. Many lip balms are petroleum-based and contain a complex blend of chemicals which have known health and safety concerns, such as skin irritation and organ system toxicity. Containing just a few nourishing and high quality ingredients, our Lip Balms are a wonderfully healthy alternative.

Blending Art and Science: Our distinctive body care labels feature artwork by one of New Zealand’s foremost internationally renowned artists; John Reynolds. John’s work is in most public art collections and has been part of many international exhibitions from Europe to New York to Sydney. His beautiful, less-is-more philosophy on art is completely aligned with the Einstein principle we follow when creating our formulations - that the most simple solution is the most elegant.

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Sizes :
4.5g 4.5g
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