Coconut Soap

A delicious creamy soap with small strands of coconut to provide gentle exfoliation for the skin.

Our gentle plant and mineral based soaps are a delight to use. They will cleanse and nourish your skin without drying it out by removing the naturally present protective oils. 

We use vegetable oils in our soaps rather than the more commonly used animal fat (tallow).

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Contains No Nasty Ingredients
Fragrance Ingredients

I was ecstatic to find your new product - The Coconut soap! I am a coconut soap addict and am really stoked that I now can buy your wonderful product for a lot cheaper than the $6 I had to always pay at "The Body shop". It makes me remember my Raro holiday I had years ago when i took a bar of it with me on holiday....I love your new soap so much that I have now bought bars and given them to my sister, Mum and Mum in law and they love it too!


I have been using ecostore products for the last few years, and would buy your soaps from our local health shop (the Herbal Shop in Hamilton). Yesterday I found your soaps in the supermarket, and I’m so pleased that you are now stocking them there. I have used other soaps from health shops and farmers’ markets over the years, but I can honestly say your ecostore soaps are far and away the best soaps we have used. Even my husband whole-heartedly agrees! They last a long time, they don’t have that awful chemically, synthetic smell that normal soaps have (I had to use Lux or some similar brand recently, and I nearly gagged in the shower!), but best of all they feel like a luxury item to use. They are really creamy soaps, that don’t dry your skin out, and they smell lovely too.


I started using this product years ago and haven't stopped since. One thing that this did stop is my son's eczema. ecostore make great soap too, my favourite would be with coconut!


As an allergy sufferer, it has been almost impossible to find products especially for using on my face. I like to use a soap first then a moisturiser at night to cleanse, and find both your coconut or goats milk soaps perfect! Thankyou for producing this wonderful range that I can use with confidence and chemical free!