Body Butter

Rich plant-based moisturiser with shea butter and olive oil extracts to nourish and nurture the skin.

Shea butter is a rich, non-greasy emollient with the ability to help prevent moisture loss. Shea butter is closely aligned to regular body temperature which means it is easily absorbed when massaged in to your skin leaving it nourished and beautifully smooth.

Performance: Our Body Butter has been independently tested to perform as well as the leading brand alternative.

Blending Art and Science: Our distinctive body care labels feature artwork by one of New Zealand’s foremost internationally renowned artists; John Reynolds. John’s work is in most public art collections and has been part of many international exhibitions from Europe to New York to Sydney. His elegant, less-is-more philosophy on art reflects the elegance of our formulations. We follow the Einstein principle that the most simple solution is the most elegant.

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The new products are just divine! The body butter feels like silk! Love it, feel very spoilt!


We have been conditioned to thinking that nice is naughty, and that we are somehow compromising when choosing cleaner products - however that is definitely not the case with these! They feel so luxuriously soft on your skin and the yummy scents can still be smalled hours afterwards. LOVE them - so glad that its no longer only my dishes and laundry is getting all the nice stuff.


I've been using the body butter on my bump - I had a few stretch marks from weight changes already… but I like to think that using it recently has helped to keep my skin somewhat elasticated. I've also noticed my hands are a lot more drier with my pregnancy but the handcream does wonders on it - and like the bottle says you only need a little bit!


I recently purchased your eco store body butter and have been using it after a shower every day and OH How silky soft my skin is feeling. I'm pretty sure it is the best moisturiser I have ever used. I generally only use eco store products as I used to live in a house in the bush with a bio cycle system that cleaned the water and sent it back into the forest but I live in the city now, and wouldn't go back to using anything else. And I'm really not one to email a company raving about a product - Youre the first! But the body butter - mmmmm mmmm mmmm My skin and I are thanking of you most kindly, it's the most affordable and delicious thing I've ever used.


The body Butter is the BEST... my elbows and knees and feet will be branching out this summer, thank you so much!


The ecostore moisturising Body Butter is without a doubt THE BEST BODY BUTTER IN THE WORLD!!! For the following reasons 1: It has a subtle scent, I thought it didn't have one at all but it allows your bodies natural key notes to come through. 2: It is creamy texured almost a mousse texture 3: It actually gets ABSORBED, I don't know how you made this product but it is the first body butter to actually soak into my skin. They usually sit on top and make me feel sticky, but this almost instantly absorbs 4: I loved it so much I put it on my face, and I didn't break out 5: compared to the Body Shop counter parts, I have to say that theirs seems to be more for perfume, rather than it's moisturising quality. Ecostore Body Butter is far superior to any other product. 6: I look forward to continuing as a confirmed ecostore consumer. Your products are amazing.


I have the body butter, lotion and both the hand creams and love all of the products.They all smell beautiful and natural and it feels so good to have no nasties!


Just a note to say thanks so much for creating the divine body butter!!! I have been using on myself and love it. Yesterday I even tried it on my 7 month old babe's skin as he has been suffering with ezcema, and I feel like I have tried just about everything. Already I can see an improvement in the moisture of his skin and the ezcema looks so much less 'angry'! Yay, heres hoping we are onto something!!!

Kathy S.

I have only just discovered your products. I purchased the Body Butter and am going straight back to buy one of the body lotions too. I love the fact that there is no visible perfume smell AT ALL. Also that you are announcing clearly on the container that there is no toxic this or that in the products – that caught my eye immediately, rather than having to search through product info on the container.