Baby Soap

Our gentle soap will cleanse your baby without damaging or breaking down the oils in the protective layer in their skin.

Enriched with creamy goat's milk, lavender essential oil, wheatgerm and rich in vitamin E.

The ingredients in our baby soap are suitable for your septic tank and safer for the environment.  With proper greywater systems in place the water from your baby's bath can safely be re-used on your flower gardens, lawns and trees. 

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Fragrance Ingredients

If you want a great smalling soap try the baby soap, I used it on my baby number 1 who is almost 4 and still usde it on miss 8 months, I love getting a new pack and I just sit and smell it, I grate it up and put it in with there bath water as well.


I dont normally endorse products and have never taken the time to write to a company to commend them but I feel compelled to write to you to tell you how grateful I am for your wheatgerm and lavender baby soap. Its a God-send for my skin which has always suffered from irritation and reaction to pretty much everything I put on it. Your soap is the only product that I have ever been able to confidently use without fear of developing some sort of hideous rash!. I have stocked up on this product at my local Woolworths supermarkets (the only supermarket who seem to stock it in Qld) and I will be taking it with me on my trip to New York at xmas in case I cant get it over there. Well Done! I am compelled to try your other products now as Im sure they will be just as wonderful.


I am just loving my goatsmilk and lavender baby soap but who ever said it could only be used on bubbies smells just too good for baby alone.