Healthy Laundry

Tips and advice for having a healthy laundry.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of crisp sheets or a fresh t-shirt; the delicious feel of the fabric against your skin as you start your day or as you snuggle in to bed at night. Doing the laundry can be one of the most satisfying and yet one of the most mundane household chores and one thing we know for sure – no matter how efficient or careful you are, there will always be more of it.

We need tighter legislation to protect us from toxic chemicals. In the meantime we need to rethink our basic assumptions about the safety of everyday products and take extra care. Knowing what's in the products you use is a start - Malcolm Rands, ecostore Founder and CEO

The trouble is that many laundry products contain potentially irritating and unnecessary chemicals such as enzymes and optical whiteners as well as synthetic perfumes and dyes. Residues from laundry detergents are up against our skin, in our clothes and linen 24/7 where they may lead to skin irritation, eczema and even allergies.

Come and take a look at the ecostore blog where we’ll be sharing our best tips and advice on everything to do with having a healthy laundry from sorting, soaking, washing, drying, folding, drycleaning and even ironing. We’ve got lots of simple steps you can take to help reduce harmful or toxic chemicals in your laundry products and being smarter about the way we use our energy, resources and appliances so stay tuned...