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Environmental Hazard.

Phosphates act as builders to improve the performance of cleaning products. Because of their widespread use, they are becoming a major environmental pollutant. The problems occur when waste water from washing machines and dish-washing machines enters the environment. Phosphates, being a plant nutrient, drives the excessive growth of aquatic plants. This effect is known as "eutrophication", and leads to competition between species for other nutrients such as oxygen and food. In severe cases, it can result in the death of ecosystems. Analytical analysis could sometimes reveal minute traces of phosphates in some of our products. We never add phosphates to our products however, some of the raw materials we use may contain low levels of phosphates. Phosphates are used by some of our raw material suppliers to aid production i.e to soften water. This means that phosphate can become chemically bound to the final product which is then supplied to our factory as a raw material. For example, when using our laundry powder, there may be a very small amount of phosphate in your wash cycle (no more than 0.1g) Even though detectable levels of phosphate in our products are so low we are always reviewing our ingredient options with the aim of further reducing phosphate contamination. REFERENCES: (1. Complexing agents, Environmental and Health Assessment of Substances in Household Detergents and Cosmetic Detergent Products, Danish Environmental Protection Agency.)

INCI Name Phosphates
EWG Rating 1 - 2
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