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Enzymes are not used in ecostore Laundry products or any ecostore products that come into contact with skin. Only used in ecostore dish tabs and powder. Suitable for Septic Tanks. Biodegradable.

Amylases are a group of enzymes that are highly efficient at breaking down starch which means they are highly valued by cleaning product manufacturers. Whilst the cleaning grade enzymes we use in our auto dish powder and tablets are not GE organisms, they are derived from a laboratory controlled process using GE of microorganisms. We use Amylases in our dishpowder and tablets because they reduce the large number of chemicals needed to get similar results and enable us to formulate safer dishwasher products with a lower alkalinity. We only use enzymes like these in products where they are not in direct contact with your skin as we believe they can cause irritation when included in products such as laundry powder.

INCI Name Amylase
Role Enzymes
EWG Rating 0 - 1
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